50 Completely Mortifying Halloween Family Photos

October 28, 2022

(awkward family photos)

Halloween is the time when every day normal people can let their hair down and let their freak flag fly. Want to dress up like Dracula? Go for it? Feel like being a sexy nun? It's now or never. Even though we applaud everyone who goes all in on their homemade costumes, we would be remiss if we didn't point some of the most downright awkward, mortifying, and straight up cringey Halloween costumes from the Groovy era.

The following embarrassing Halloween photos feature kids wearing last minute costumes and adults showing off questionable outfits all in the name of snagging some candy and getting weird with their friends.

The Wages of Sin

source: awkward family photos

We get it. You want to be funny and cool on Halloween but you've got to take your super cute daughters trick or treating. What could be worse? Rather than dress up like a prince or something a little more on brand you throw caution to the wind and dress up as *checks notes* an apocalyptic street preacher? You do you dad.