60 Colorized Photos So Chilling We Can't Look Away

February 13, 2024

Double leg amputee railway signalman, James Wide, working alongside his pet and assistant, Jack Baboon, in Cape Town during the 1880s. 

Thanks to modern technology, we can now get an even more accurate view of the past via colorized photographs. Prior to the 1970s, most photographs were shot using black and white film. While these images are important tools to help us understand the past, we can get even more details from photographs that have been digitally colorized. For the first time (well, the first time in a long time), we can see the rich and colorful world that our ancestors lived in. This collection of colorized photos shows us that world. 

Credit: color_byangelina

In the 1880s, a baboon named Jack earned a degree of fame by serving as the helper for a South African railroad worker named James ‘Jumper’ Wide. Wide lost both legs in an accident and trained Jack to push his wheelchair and operate the rail signals. Someone complained to the railroad when they saw the animal running the signals and an official investigation was launched. The investigators found that Jack was quite skilled at his job and never made an error. He was officially hired by the railroad and received twenty cents per day plus half a bottle of beer. Travelers loved to see Jack and his fame grew. Just how famous did Jack become? Well, today, he has his own Wikipedia page. 

Princess Faiza of Egypt ruffled feathers when she married a Turk. 

Credit: @colorize_memories

A member of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, Egypt’s Princess Faiza was born at the Abdeen Palace in Cairo in 1923. She was the third of the five children born to King Fuad I and Nazli Sabri. Her brother became King Farouk. She angered her brother when she refused to marry within the Middle East royal family. She chose instead to marry Bulent Rauf, her cousin, a Turk. King Farouk was displeased with the union, in part because Rauf was western educated. Despite this, the couple exchanged vows on May 17, 1945 and moved into the Zohria Palace, located on an island in the Nile.