60 Photos From Studio 54 In The 70s and 80s

March 11, 2024

Divine, 'the Godzilla of drag'

A glimpse behind the curtain of history can tell us so much about the stars and celebrities that we think we know so much about. Seeing photos of the events as they unfolded, colorized just for you, shows just how decadent the most famous club in the world really was.

Studio 54 was the one club where the famous and the infamous mixed with reckless abandon, with lines of would-be dancers begging to be let inside. What happened behind the walls of this storied New York City club? How late did the parties go, and exactly what did stars like Mick Jagger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a very young Drew Barrymore get up to at these all-night ragers?

source: reddit

Divine was made for Studio 54. This larger than life, loud and proud drag queen was more than just a known entity on the New York club scene, they were the star of a series of cult films by John Waters and everyone wanted to be around them. They weren't the average person that you'd find out at the club, but Studio 54 wasn't your average club.

Studio 54 was a place where everyone could mingle no matter what they were into. It was assumed that if you were allowed in the club that you were cool, or at the very least that you could hang with some of the more outrageous people that were a constant presence on the dance floor. You didn't have to match eyeshadow for eyeshadow with "the Godzilla of drag," but it would help you get in if you did.

Brooke Shields and Debbie Harry play dress up

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Brooke Shields is an anomaly in the world of Studio 54. She was a teenager when the club was at its height. She dressed up and went into this very grownup world while she should have been hanging out with people her own age.

Shields says that she was able to go to the club and still be home in time to study and get a good night's sleep. Her self-control must be off the charts. While speaking with the Guardian she explained that even though she's led a crazy life, show business helped her keep her world in line:

If not for the entertainment industry, I would have been a train wreck. The movie business kept me afloat and sane.