Backstage Secrets Hidden And Not Meant For The Audience

February 2, 2024

Janis Joplin Performed At Woodstock, But Wasn't In 'Woodstock'

Our favorite musicians give us great performances in the studio and on stage, but backstage glimpses and behind-the-scenes facts tell us even more. They are human beings who sometimes keep it real and other times behave like divas. Some of their behavior is relatable and other things they do will blow your mind. In the end, it's a loop that tells you more about the music you already love -- take a look at these scenes of performers living everyday lives and enjoy these tales of what happened backstage and stories behind the moments that made them pop stars and rock gods.

Janis Joplin backstage at Woodstock. Source: Reddit

Janis Joplin was known for her partying ways throughout her career, having been a hard drinker since high school. Her favorite libation was the whiskey liqueur Southern Comfort, and she was so often photographed holding a bottle that the company bought her a fur coat to thank her for the publicity. The lady liked to have a drink or two.

Joplin played Woodstock in August 1959, but her performances were not used in the famous film, nor were they included on either of the original albums Woodstock and Woodstock 2. Scheduling was an issue throughout the festival, and Joplin and her crew, the Kozmic Blues Band, were kept waiting for 10 hours before they could finally take the stage. Janis being Janis, she indulged -- it's rumored that she took heroin, and famous photographs show her drinking Champagne while waiting. Whatever she had in her system, it affected her performance, and she refused to let the documentarians include her footage in the movie.

If You Want to Meet Robert De Niro, Write A Song About Him

Bananarama. Source: Reddit

The girl group Bananarama had a string of hits in the '80s (moreso in their native UK than the States), and one of them was the curiously titled "Robert De Niro's Waiting." They have explained that the song is about fantasizing about an unattainable celebrity as a mechanism to avoid a real-world relationship. There's also a subtext of date rape that the band sometimes touted, but at other times denied.

Keren Woodward, Siobhan Fahey and Sara Dallin really were big De Niro fans, and the song did earn them a meeting with the star himself. "When the song came out, he was in the UK filming Brazil, and he invited us for a drink at Kettners in Soho," they recalled for The Guardian. "We were all sitting there when this guy knocked on the window. It was a freezing winter’s night and he had a bobble hat and glasses on, and we just thought: 'Who is that person trying to catch our attention?' We’d no idea it was him. He had his producer with him, who did most of the talking. I think De Niro was quite shy. But of course the whole place was filled with our friends and boyfriends – all sitting at different tables trying to sneak a look at him."