Emiliano Zapata, Mexican Revolutionary, On Horseback, Circa 1915

May 18, 2021

In this colorized photo, Zapata presents himself as a charro, which is a cowboy who wears flamboyant clothing to signify his elevated class. He typically wore tight pants and a vest with silver ornamentation, as well as a sugarloaf sombrero. 

Source: (Colorized by Klimbim).

Although Diego Rivera portrayed him in paintings as a humble peasant dressed in white, he was relatively well off, nor did he come from an indigenous background. His clothing in this picture shows that the hero of the agrarian movement was of a higher class.

He Rose To Prominence Fighting Injustice

Source: (Pinterest).

The Mexican dictator, Porfirio Díaz, who was president from 1877-1880 and again from 1884-1911 supported the landowning elite and foreigners, which was detrimental to the middle class and poor, and the Indians and landless peasants in particular suffered under his rule.

Emiliano Zapata, who would be nicknamed the "Tiger of Morelos," was a native of Anenecuilco, a village in the state of Morelos in Mexico. He was elected the village chief in 1909, at the age of 30. After his election, he started to defend neighbors who were the victims of greedy landowners under Díaz. With the help of armed peasants, he started to take the land back by force. His supporters would come to be known as Zapatistas.