Forgotten Colorized Photos Captured Way More Than Expected

June 6, 2024

100 years ago Mata Hari was shot after blowing a kiss at the French firing squad who executed her for accusations of being a spy

These stunningly colorized photos from the early 20th century bring history to life in vivid detail. See the enigmatic allure of Mata Hari, the captivating youth of Charlie Chaplin, and the emerging presence of a young JFK. Experience pivotal moments and iconic figures from World War II and beyond. Each photo offers a vibrant window into the past, capturing the essence of an era that shaped the modern world.

source: reddit

It's unclear if Mata Hari was ever actually a spy for the Germans or a double agent for the French. While she did have daliances with people from those countries no one really knows if she was able to actually gather information. Unfortunately, she took the fall for what was bad information in 1917.

June 6th, 1944- Into the the jaws of death ☠️☠️☠️

source: reddit

There was resistance up and down the beaches of Normandy, with hundreds of thousands of casualties. However, by the end of the day there more than 150,000 Allied troops standing proud on the beaches of Normandy. Their resiliance paid off.