German 'Sausage' Balloon, 1916

May 23, 2021

In this colorized version of a photo from 1916, we see an observation balloon used by German military in World War II. Although it's called a "sausage balloon" for obvious reasons, this item is technically a Parseval-Siegsfeld type balloon.

Photo of a German 'Sausage' balloon colored by Duriez.

World War I and II displayed mankind’s most depraved brutalities but also revealed its unbelievable ingenuity and bravery. Perhaps one of the most inconceivable aspects of the World Wars were the observation balloons. Essentially the forerunner of the Hindenburg forced into military action, these balloons became vital parts of the war effort for both sides.

Information Is Power

A ballon platoon over London in World War II. (Wearethemighty)

Floated high into the air, these sausage-looking balloons rose to over 5,000 feet on some occasions and provided crucial information on enemy troop positions and movements. With their vantage point high in the sky, observers relayed information via radio. Such was their importance that both sides spent considerable resources, protecting their own observation balloons as well as attacking the enemy’s.