Heavyweight Boxer Peter "The Black Prince" Jackson 1889.

June 23, 2021

Peter Jackson, no, not that Peter Jackson but “The Black Prince” Jackson, became one of the greatest boxers in history. He earned that title at a time when the sweet science was as popular as the NFL today and black people were treated like dirt. 

Heavyweight boxer Peter "the black prince" Jackson 1889. (Julius Jääskeläinen)

Jackson was born a free man on the island of Saint Croix in 1861, which was then part of the Dutch West Indies. He left his Caribbean home to work as a sailor and gained notoriety as a fighter when he quelled a ship mutiny with nothing more than his fists.

From The Caribbean To Australia

One of the orginal master of Boxing. (findagrave)

His maritime travels took him Down Under where he learned from one of the pioneers of Australian boxing, Jack "The Black Diamond" Dowridge. Under Dowridge’s tutelage, Jackson honed his skills and set the framework for his infamous footwork and incredible technical proficiency. It wasn’t long before none of Australia’s boxers could match Jackson’s speed, power, and grace. In an attempt to drum up some competition, he offered to fight “right-hand barred,” which meant he’d only use one hand!