Hidden Secrets Of Studio 54

July 6, 2021

source: pinterest

While regular people shared the dance floor with celebrities like John Travolta, that doesn't mean that normies could mingle with the stars all the time. Everyone knows about the club's famous dance floor, but there were more places where the rich and famous could disappear. Often they hid away together.

One area where wild things happened was the "Rubber Room," a private room above the balcony that was covered in rubber so it was easy to clean. The basement is where most VIPs went. There are rumors that the co-owners supplied this area with mattresses for anyone who wanted to get a little "shut eye."

The Village People pose with a young Michael Jackson and a couple of babes... look closer to see Bruce Jenner on the left

In 1977 a confluence of styles and subsets of people mixed in New York City, changing the world forever. Gay, straight, working class, and wealthy, they were all welcomed into Studio 54. The club created a place where everyone could be their true selves - even if they had to hide it as soon as they hit the pavement.

source: reddit

Studio 54 really was the only place where you could see a young Michael Jackson hanging out with the Village People and Bruce Jenner of all people. It was a special place that, in spite of its darkness, brought people together. It's hard to imagine a place like this existing again.