Historical Moments Captured: Photos with Powerful Stories

May 8, 2024

Mugshot of Josip Broz Tito after his arrest in 1928. 

Thanks to modern technology, we can now get an even more accurate view of the past via colorized photographs. Prior to the 1970s, most photographs were shot using black and white film. While these images are important tools to help us understand the past, we can get even more details from photographs that have been digitally colorized. For the first time (well, the first time in a long time), we can see the rich and colorful world that our ancestors lived in. This collection of colorized photos shows us that world. 

Credit @julius.colorization

Before he was the president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito earned a reputation as a revolutionary and activist. In February 1928, Broz was arrested for disrupting a meeting of the Social-Democratic Party and for being part of a brawl outside the event. He gave police a false name and was tossed in jail. The authorities didn’t realize who he was until after they released him two weeks later. The police tracked him down and recaptured him, but this time, he was treated poorly in prison and convicted of participating in illegal communist activities. After three years in jail, he was released and continued on his political and activist activities and was elected as Yugoslavia’s president. 

Mormon polygamists at the Utah Penitentiary, 1889. ☠️

Credit: @madsmadsen.ch

In 1845, Mormon leader Joseph Smith was attacked and murdered because of his extreme religious views. His followers, under Brigham Young as their new leader, migrated to the wilds of Utah in 1847 where they hoped to practice their unorthodox beliefs in seclusion. One of the Mormon beliefs that ruffled a lot of feathers was polygamy. When Utah applied for statehood, there was a condition to its acceptance into the union – a ban on polygamy had to be added to the state constitution. Utah was granted statehood on January 4, 1896, and afterward, men with more than one wife could be arrested for the crime of polygamy.