Journey Through Time: Vibrant Views of Vintage Cities

May 16, 2024

New Years Eve in New York City, 1959

Delve into the past with our slideshow gallery featuring colorized vintage photos of cities from the early 20th century. Witness iconic metropolises like New York City and Los Angeles as they once were, brought to life in vivid detail through the art of colorization. Step back in time and explore the streets, buildings, and landmarks that defined these urban landscapes in days gone by.


In the 1950s, New Year's Eve in New York City was a spectacle of glamour and tradition, marked by extravagant parties, lively gatherings, and the iconic Times Square ball drop. As the city shimmered with the glow of neon lights and festive decorations, revelers flocked to renowned venues like the Waldorf Astoria and the Copacabana to ring in the new year in style. Streets buzzed with excitement as crowds gathered to watch the dazzling fireworks displays and toasting to new beginnings. However, over the decades, the celebration has evolved, reflecting the changing times and cultural shifts. Today, while the tradition of the Times Square ball drop remains a focal point of the festivities, New Yorkers and visitors alike also embrace a diverse array of celebrations, from intimate gatherings in local bars and restaurants to themed parties and concerts across the city. Despite the changes, the spirit of anticipation and camaraderie continues to unite New Yorkers as they welcome the dawn of each new year with hope and optimism.

Los Angeles 1949


In the late 1940s, Los Angeles stood at the precipice of transformation, a city poised on the brink of post-war prosperity. By 1949, the bustling metropolis had emerged as a symbol of burgeoning industry and cultural dynamism, fueled by the influx of returning veterans and the burgeoning entertainment industry. Amidst the palm-lined boulevards and sun-drenched streets, the allure of Hollywood glimmered ever brighter, drawing dreamers and creatives from far and wide. Yet, beneath the glitz and glamour, the city grappled with the challenges of rapid urbanization and social change, laying the groundwork for the vibrant mosaic of cultures and communities that define Los Angeles today.