Mind-Blowing Science Facts That Sound Fake

May 21, 2024

Over Half of the Cells in Your Body Are Not Human

Science isn't all polymers and periodic charts, it can be reaaaaally weird. From pink diamonds born of cosmic collisions to the 'virgin birth' of turkeys, we've collected a gaggle of mind-bending facts that will not only challenge what you thought you knew about the natural world, but science itself. Join us on this whirlwind journey of scientific wonders that are stranger than fiction!


Sorry that we have to be the folks to break it to you, but a staggering 57% of the cellular population inhabiting your body isn't human at all—it's comprised of microbes! These minuscule organisms—ranging from bacteria and viruses to fungi—call your skin, lungs, and digestive tract home, forming a vibrant ecosystem within. Among them, the microbiome residing in your gut alone tips the scales at a substantial 2 kilograms.

Fret not delicate reader! Rather than invaders, these symbiotic microorganisms are indispensable allies, working tirelessly to aid digestion, fortify your immune system, and synthesize essential vitamins crucial for your well-being. So, as you contemplate the marvels of your own physiology, remember the bustling community of microbes within, silently contributing to your health and vitality.

Saliva Makes Taste Possible


We'll just spit this out: Beyond the simple act of chewing, our ability to savor the flavors of our favorite food's hinges on the remarkable chemistry of saliva. When you indulge in a delicious treat, you're not directly tasting the food itself but rather the intricate blend of chemicals from the delicacy that have dissolved in your saliva. Only after these flavorful compounds mingle with our spit can the taste receptors on our tongues detect any discernible flavor. Curious skeptics can put this to the test by drying their tongues with a paper towel before sampling a snack—prepare to be surprised by the lackluster taste experience.