Rare Nostalgic Photos Not Yet Seen By The Public

November 1, 2022

There are certain people in history who deserve a closer look and we've gathered them all here for your viewing pleasure. This hand picked collection of the most beautiful women from times gone by will inspire nostalgia while raising your blood pressure... and we mean that in a good way.

These gorgeous photos may not be suitable for all audiences... but that's what makes them so fun. You'll want to pour over everyone of these pictures to make sure you don't miss a detail.

Take your time going over these photos, each and every one of them is a must see. You really won't believe what you're looking at, or how lucky you are to get to sneak a peak.

Proceed with caution... these photos are for mature audiences only. 

Doris Day wows on Johnny Carson

souce: pinterest

Doris Day was the queen of the box office in the 196s, starring in massive films like Pillow Talk and The Man Who Knew Too Much, but she says that when she was first put on contract by Warner Bros. the company didn't really know what to do with her unique talent so they just put her in whatever they had that wasn't "dramatic."

Day says that her earliest roles were pretty milquetoast and that she doesn't even know what she was doing in the movies, she just needed to work. She told Parade:

At Warner Bros. they had serious films. All the dramatic actresses were there. When they hired me, they didn’t know what to do with me. The first thing they put me in was Romance on the High Seas, a little comedy. The next one was My Dream Was Yours—I don’t even know what that was about.