The 1920 Terrorist Bombing Of Wall Street

November 30, 2021

For an afternoon New York stood still in shock. (Library of Congress)

On September 16,1920, a terrorist attack on Wall Street killed 38 people, becoming the bloodiest aggression on U.S soil until the Oklahoma City bombing 75 years later. The perpetrators left a horse-drawn carriage with 100 pounds of dynamite along with iron weights on the corner of Wall and Broad streets.

That particular spot stood in front of J.P. Morgan and Company, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The U.S. Sub-Treasury and Assay Office were located across the street, while the ever-busy New York Stock Exchange was just down the road. Despite many years of investigation by police and the Bureau of Investigation (forerunners of the FBI), the bloody crime remained unsolved. Here’s the story of 1920’s Wall Street bombing.

The Wall Street bombing was one of the first terrorist attacks ever perpetrated in New York City.

Noon, September 16, 1920

Whoever planned the horrific bombing set the explosion for the daily lunch hour rush. As the last church bell struck noon, the massive explosion sent chaos reigning for blocks. A witness to the madness, Andrew Dunn called it, “That was the loudest noise I ever heard in my life. It was enough to knock you out by itself.”