The Crazy Stunt That Left a Daredevil Stranded on Devil’s Tower

March 24, 2022

By nature, daredevils like to play outside the rules and push the envelope, ignoring the risks in the process. Sometimes, it pays off spectacularly, and the daredevil gets the glory he was seeking. But other times, things don’t go as planned. 

Parachutist George Hopkins, shown in this colorized photo, had an idea for a crazy publicity stunt in 1941. (

Such was the case for George Hopkins in 1941. In these colorized photos, we will take a look at the crazy stunt that landed him on top of Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower with no way down. 

George Hopkins, Parachutist

A colorized pic of Hopkins preparing to jump for a plane. (

In the 1940s, parachuting was gaining in popularity but was still in its infancy. The military used parachutes in World War I to allow pilots to exit their crashing planes, and they were being used in the present war, World War II, to drop soldiers behind enemy lines. But the general public still raised an eyebrow at the idea of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, trusting a thin piece of fabric to prevent them from crashing to earth. George Hopkins hoped to change that perspective. He already had a number of impressive jumps under his belt, but he decided to ramp it up a notch for his next publicity stunt.