The Unfiltered Past: Exploring the Authenticity of Vintage Photographs

May 15, 2024

Christopher Walken performs for his young neighbors at his home in Bayside, Queens. (1955) 

Few things are as satisfying as a trip down memory lane -- and it's even better when you find something you didn't notice before. Because as Ferris Bueller said -- life moves pretty fast. Here are dozens of pictures of celebrities and remarkable people of yesteryear in all their beautiful, vintage glory. The glamour, the fashions, the hair -- whether classically elegant, effortlessly cool, or interestingly tacky, we shall not see their like again. Here's to the movie stars who were larger than life, here's to the rock stars who lived on the edge, here's to the comedians who still make us smile, here's to the bit players who had those moments of glory that changed their lives forever. It's all good, it's all groovy, and the rest is history.


Just when you thought you'd seen Christopher Walken at his creepiest, here he is as a clown to fuel your coulrophobia (it means fear of clowns). He's only 12 years old in this shot, decades away from his chilling performances in The Deer Hunter, A View to a Kill, King of New York and Pulp Fiction, but he's clearly already been bitten by the showbiz bug. Walken -- known by his given name "Ronnie," during his early career -- would get his start acting on stage and TV, and doing quite a bit of song-and-dance in New York's nightclubs and cabarets. This would explain the bizarre dancing Walken you may have witnessed on Saturday Night Live, or in the video for "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim.

A beautiful 2,000 year-old genie named 'Jeannie' 

Source: Reddit

Barbara Eden played a genie named Jeannie on the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, and you have to wonder -- how did they get away with this? Her midriff-baring outfit made her a sex symbol from the show's first episode in 1965, but the outfit was strictly regulated. While Eden's ribcage and cleavage were allowed to breathe free, NBC decided her navel should always be covered. The network brass mandated billowy harem pants in a further attempt to tone down Eden's sex appeal, lest a woman appear with midsection and legs exposed. Eden even had to wear a one-piece suit in a scene filmed at the beach. Armchair theologists (perhaps after a few beers) have debated whether Adam and Eve had belly buttons. Did a TV genie named Jeannie have one? We will never know.