Unbelievable Photos Reveal a Bizarre Side of History

December 26, 2023

Bar Patrons Toast the end of Prohibition. December 1933


The years of Prohibition in America were a time of great upheaval and uncertainty, as the government sought to crack down on the sale and consumption of alcohol. But for many Americans, the end of Prohibition represented a long-awaited moment of relief and celebration. After years of living in a world where the simple act of enjoying a drink was a criminal offense, people around the country were finally able to let loose and enjoy themselves once more. For many, the end of Prohibition marked the beginning of a new era, one in which they could once again savor the simple pleasures of life without fear of retribution. From the speakeasies of New York to the back alleys of Chicago, Americans celebrated with abandon, raising a glass to a brighter and more free future. Though the road ahead would be far from easy, the end of Prohibition represented a vital step forward in the ongoing struggle for liberty and justice in America.

YPF Gas Station, 1950

source: reddit

Now this is a shot from when gas stations really were pieces of art. When you pulled into a gas station in the 1950s you weren’t just filling up your tank, you were getting full service with a smile.

A service technician would pop your hood, check your oil, wash your windows, and make sure that you had enough gas to get from point A to point B. Those were the days…

On top of the immaculate service, service stations were once places that were designed to look modern and spiffy, a far cry from today’s hum drum gas stations that are a dime a dozen. Take us back…