Unbelievable Photos Reveal a Bizarre Side of History

February 14, 2024

Wartime Selfie, 1940s

Look closer at these moments in history… no longer encased in black and white, every photo in this collection has been rendered in stunning color. They no longer feel like relics of the past, but rather vibrant moments that show the way things really were… and in some ways still are.

Some of these rarely seen photos will shock you, others will amaze, but they all capture way more than expected. So brace yourself...

⚠️ These jaw dropping colorized photos of the past have to be seen to be believed. The moments captured here just don't look quite the same in black and white. You will never look at history the same way again ⚠️

source: reddit

Selfies from the early 20th century are endlessly fascinating, and this colorized version of a photo taking during World War II is especially cool. Thanks to the gorgeous color job performed on this photo it looks like we’re scrolling through a Facebook feed today.

People have always loved to take photos of their loved ones and themselves, but in the early days of photography it wasn’t as easy to put those two things together as it is today.

Nowadays people can use their phone to point and click, but in the 1940s a photographer had to innately understand lighting and focus without any help or digital trickery.

YPF Gas Station, 1950

source: reddit

Now this is a shot from when gas stations really were pieces of art. When you pulled into a gas station in the 1950s you weren’t just filling up your tank, you were getting full service with a smile.

A service technician would pop your hood, check your oil, wash your windows, and make sure that you had enough gas to get from point A to point B. Those were the days…

On top of the immaculate service, service stations were once places that were designed to look modern and spiffy, a far cry from today’s hum drum gas stations that are a dime a dozen. Take us back…