Vintage Photos So Beautiful We Can't Look Away

May 24, 2024

Alyssa Milano as 'Samantha Micelli' on the classic '80s sitcom, "Who's the Boss?"

Photos from the past have the power to inspire and intrigue, but this collection of beautiful shots have something more going on just beneath the surface. Each of these rare historical photos tells a story about a person, sure, but they can also transport us to a time and a place.

Featuring icons from the past that we all dream about, these photos are sure to induce a haze of nostalgia over everyone who sees them. They'll take you back to the most magical decades, when anything was possible, and life was less chaotic.

Make sure to take a closer look at each of these photos and spend plenty of time enjoying these rarely seen nostalgic moments in history.

Source: Pinterest

Audiences first noticed Alyssa Milano when she played Samantha on Who's The Boss? opposite Tony Danza. As huge as this was for her young career, it played a part in one of the most mortifying moments of her life. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly Milano explained that after the airing of the season one episode where she has to buy a bra people on the streets stopped her repeatedly to bring it up. She said:

This was at a time that we could only say ‘bra’ once. We could only say it once, and then we had to come up with different things... I’d walk down the street and get recognized. People would be like, ‘That bra episode! You’re getting older, you’re growing up!’ It was so mortifying.

David Byrne of Talking Heads in 1978


Behold the wondrous David Byrne, whose unmistakable vocals and boundless talent as front man, guitarist, and songwriter of The Talking Heads have earned him a place among the true luminaries of rock and roll. Since the band's formation in the summer of '75, Byrne and his cohorts have graced the world with 8 studio albums of unbridled genius, captivating audiences and inspiring countless musicians to follow in their footsteps. And though their time together would eventually come to a close in 1991, their legacy lived on, culminating in a long-awaited induction into the hallowed halls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, where they would reunite once more, their music and magic burning as bright as ever before.