Vintage Wimbleton Photos Brought To Life

October 10, 2021

Anthony Wilding and Beals Wright looking dapper during a Wimbledon match in 1910. (WanderlustTravel)

In 1877, the prestigious Wimbledon Championships held their inaugural event in the London suburbs. Rumor has it the illustrious cricket club held the event to foot the bill to repair the club's pony roller, used to maintain the croquet lawns. Nevertheless, well over 100 years later Wimbledon continues as one of the premier events in tennis.

The first tournament happened so long ago that the prize came in guineas, a defunct United Kingdom currency traditionally used for luxury goods. Today, all across the world millions of people watch Wimbledon every year and enjoy the many quintessentially British aspects of the event. Here are the early days of Wimbledon brought to life in color.

As tennis grew in popularity Wimbledon was forced to move to accommodate more spectators.

The First Wimbledon Event

The inceptive Wimbledon Championships fell well short of the massive world event that it has become today. In 1877, just 22 men paid the one guinea registration fee to play at the All England Club. As the announcement read in sporting magazine “The Field,” “The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon, propose [sic] to hold a lawn tennis meeting open to all amateurs, on Monday, July 9, and following days. Entrance fee, one pound, one shilling."