A Young Elizabeth Montgomery (Future 'Bewitched' Star) In 1960

May 17, 2021

Before she became famous for twitching her nose on Bewitched, actress Elizabeth Montgomery turned heads on the small screen, as you can see from this colorized photograph of Montgomery from her 1960 appearance in an episode of The Untouchables

Before "Bewitched", Montgomery turned heads in "The Untouchables." (colorized by sf)

Montgomery once quipped that she was a “TV baby” so she seemed destined to become a sitcom sweetheart of the sixties, even though she was the daughter of a Broadway actress and movie actor. Let’s take a look at Elizabeth Montgomery’s pre-witch days and her unforgettable performance in The Untouchables. 

Acting Was in her Blood

In the 1950s, Montgomery made her TV debut in her father's drama series. (reddit.com)

Born in L.A. on April 15, 1933, Elizabeth Montgomery was the daughter of film star Robert Montgomery (known for his roles in Here Comes Mr. Jordan and Night Must Fall) and Broadway actress Elizabeth Daniel Bryan Allen. She was the couple’s second child, but the first one to survive through infancy. She had a younger brother, Robert Montgomery Jr. who was born three years after her. Elizabeth Montgomery attended the Westlake School for Girls in California and then attended Spence School in New York City and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.